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January 2017

Why ‘Deadpool’ Didn’t Deserve An Oscar Nod

A lot of words on the most overhyped movie of the 2016



Charlie Kaufman makes his first misstep

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

All the potential to be a great film, but it falls flat where it matters most.

Lo and Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World

Werner Herzog tells us a lot of facts to little avail in his middling documentary on the internet.


A whole lot more than just an essay on religion - thank God!

Fantastics Beasts and Where To Find Them

The Wizarding World descends into averageness.


Looking back at Danny Boyle's 'Sunshine' ten years on.

Green Room

The closest a movie can get to a punk song.

What makes a film go to Heaven?

In the simplest terms: it has to be good. Of course, it's not as simple as that...

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