Q: What is Movie Heaven?

A: The glorious kingdom of good movies. Only the best and brightest make their way here, and are screened eternally in children-free red-plush cinemas.

Q: What is Movie Hell?

A: The most abhorrent place imaginable. No one would willingly enter this place except to occasionally witness one of Hell’s Angels: legendary films so bad that they’re good.

Q: Okay but what do they actually mean?

A: We unpack the specifics here.

Q: Who are ‘The Judges’?

A: We are the ones who decide whether films end up in Movie Heaven, Movie Hell, or Movie Limbo. In other words, we write the reviews. See us all at the bottom of this page. Hi!

Q: Who are ‘The Jurors’?

A: You. Well, more specifically those of you who can be bothered to comment, like, and subscribe. It’s your job to keep us in check – critique our critique.

Q: Is it true Tommy Wiseau is an evil spirit from Movie Hell?

A: A common misconception. Tommy Wiseau is actually a gift from Movie Heaven. Praise be unto him.

Q: I’ve always wondered… Is there genuinely life after death?








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